Woodbridge Sprinkler Repair

The Rain Sensor Specialists

we install remote weather sensorsOne of the things that we always suggest in both new and retrofit sprinkler systems in Woodbridge is the addition of rain sensors to your sprinkler heads. Every major sprinkler system manufacturer offers rain sensors, and for a good reason. They are one of the most environmentally and economically important parts of the entire system.

Most rain sensors are made from an expanding disk that prevents the riser system from being engaged during the normal irrigation session. The disks absorb water and expand to a point where the plunger system that raises the pop up head into position is interrupted by the disk. As the disk dries out, it shrinks and no longer obstructs the riser. This system is elegant in its simplicity.

It is estimated that every time a rain sensor shuts down your system it will save you approximately $13. Think about the savings over a three or four-year period. Not only will you be saving cash, you'll be keeping your lawn from being over watered. While grass will usually survive an over watering, many annual and perennial plants can suffer from mold and root rot if the water fails to drain fast enough. With the high water table in our area, this is one of the biggest concerns for systems without rain sensors.

Standard and Remote Sensors

a Woodbridge pop up headOur Woodbridge sprinkler repair team suggests combination rain and freeze sensors for each system we install or repair. These sensors not only shut off watering during storms, but they also keep the pop up heads from trying to engage with frozen water around the lines. This will prevent typical chipping and breakage associated with frozen water in the lines.

Another new system that is becoming quite popular in the industry is the remote rain sensor. This single unit is attached to the controller box and, instead of working on an individual head basis, shut off the entire system at once. These require far less labor to install and can be wirelessly connected to some of the newer controllers.

If you have any questions about rain sensors, or want to schedule an appointment to get one installed, call our Woodbridge sprinkler repair team today. A professional sprinkler repair tech is ready to help you make your system more efficient now!